Why Choose Workli?

Because you have tried many project management tools before and yet...

  • You feel busy and overstretched
  • Your team spins its wheels but productivity does not improve
  • There are constant distractions, interruptions and context switching
  • It is difficult to keep track of all that goes into each project

So choose Workli to reclaim your time, fine-tune your concentration, stretch to the limit your creativity and produce high value outputs solo or as a team.

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Deep Work Coaching

The only project and team management tool in the market that integrates personalised one-to-one coaching to help you and your team achieve and sustain deep work habits.

Control Station Dashboard

See all your projects at a glance. Check and comment on projects' note-boards. Sort projects by due dates, duration, participants, etc.

Easily Create New Projects

Add collaborators to projects, define clear timelines for everybody and coordinate team work seamlessly.

Currently Serving

We are making a difference. Our customers work as independent contractors and creatives, come from business, academia and government.

52 Teams

195 Projects

477 Files served



  • Unlimited projects

  • Unlimited collaborators

  • 50MB for project files

  • 1 hour scheduling granularity

  • Community knowledge base

  • Projects' logos

  • Workli's deep work cards

  • 3 deep work coaching sessions per year


  • Unlimited projects.

  • Unlimited collaborators

  • 200MB for project files

  • 10 minutes scheduling granularity

  • Community knowledge base

  • Projects' logos

  • Personalised support within 24 hours

  • Workli's deep work cards

  • 6 deep work coaching sessions per year

Most Popular


  • Unlimited projects

  • Unlimited collaborators

  • 1GB for project files

  • 10 minutes scheduling granularity

  • Community knowledge base

  • Projects' logos

  • Personalised support within 2 hours

  • Projects' archives

  • Dedicated on-boarding & training

  • Workli's deep work cards

  • 12 deep work coaching sessions per year

This is what our customers think

Steven Gustafson - CTO at Noonum and regular contributor to Forbes

Workli helps me be a better collaborator! I’m more likely to finish my tasks, upload the work, and pass it on to the next party, all within the agreed upon time. Work stays organized and the team keeps making progress!

Dr Sara Friedl - Research Director at ICOS, Newcastle University

Workli is the first thing I check in the morning. I do not even need email reminders anymore. Here, everything is in one place, I do not have to search for emails. Responsibilities and deadlines are crystal clear. This makes communication with team members, especially when working in different countries, so much easier. And the best part, I do not have to nag my co-workers for progress updates anymore.

Dr Savas Konur - Computer Science Programme Leader, University of Bradford

Workli is a great application, transforming sometimes cumbersome collaboration processes into an enjoyable experience. Its cleverly designed workflow management feature and other functionalities make collaboration and coordination a very easy task.

Yuchun Ding - Cofounder of X-WOW

My projects are complex, with multiple stakeholders and many large files flying around. Since I started using Workli, it's nice to finally have the workflows and files organised!

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